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Solutions for Burnout for the Caregiver, Part One

Last week I had the opportunity to go to an early morning presentation titled: “Self Care For the Caregiver.”

I chose not to go...

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Practice in Life

The whole point of mindfulness isn’t to have relaxing or interesting experiences during meditation. The point of mindfulness is to bring the qualities we cultivate during practice into every aspect...

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Mindfulness Alone is Not Enough

I wrote in last week’s article that I need a support structure to get myself to write consistently.

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On (NOT!) Writing

About a year and a half ago, I announced my intention to write a book.

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10 % Happier (Compounded!)

I recently returned from a great week-long retreat in Niagara Falls Canada with my main mindfulness teacher, Shinzen Young.

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"It's like riding a bike"

There’s so much stuff that every one of us accomplishes every single day that doesn’t make it to the To-Do list-  Stuff we take for granted.

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On the Value of Routines

I wanted to write about routines because One- I'd like to share some routines that have been helpful to me, and Two- I think that by writing this I might recall some healthy routines others have mentioned, and hopefully become inspired to add them to my regimen.

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Reflections from a week long Loving-Kindness Retreat

I just got back from a week long Metta (Loving-Kindness) retreat at the Insight Meditation Society in Barre, Massachusetts, under the guidance of Sharon SalzbergLila Kate Wheeler, and Oren Sofer.

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How to Build Concentration

Concentration (the ability to stay focused on what you deem relevant at a particular time) is a fundamental skill of Mindfulness.  Just like at a gym, where we train to build our muscle strength, one of the things we do when we meditate is train to increase our concentration.

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Second-Order Equanimity

“Second-order Equanimity” - In a previous article, I wrote about Shinzen’s tremendously useful equation...

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The Importance of a Gratitude Practice

A few people have asked me recently about gratitude practice.  I have a little notebook on my dresser, and every night I write down five things that I was grateful for that day. 

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How to Start a Mindfulness Practice

In many ways, learning mindfulness is just like learning any other skill, and to make it seem less esoteric I sometimes borrow the analogy of learning to play the piano.

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Why I Started Meditating

I thought doctors knew a lot more before I became one.

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The "Purpose" of Mindfulness

Whenever I talk about the "purpose" of Mindfulness, I have to also make it clear that paradoxically, there's no purpose of Mindfulness.  I know that doesn't make sense, but...

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What Is Mindfulness

Learn about the three fundamental skills of Mindfulness, and how they can help decrease stress.

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